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1In addition to players, the Inferno is also looking for able-bodied individuals to help out with equipment management and team support. These people would help with such things as the day-to-day maintenance and assembly of wheelchairs, equipment transport and handling, driving, and helping players to transfer between their day chairs and their rugby chairs. We may also require help with administration and accounting activities.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

We proudly acknowledge the generous support provided by the following organizations and corporations: provided us with a sizable grant which enabled us to purchase six new rugby wheelchairs and a trailer to transport them.
Many thanks to the CWSA and their Podium Club grant. It has enabled our team to access coaching, get involved on a competitive level, provide player development as well as help with the costs of a training environment
APF provided us with a substantial grant to purchase Athletes Rugby chairs and contribute to operational expenses
ASRPWF provided us with a grant which enabled us to purchase a new offensive rugby wheelchair.
The Boilermakers Union Local 146 in Edmonton gave us a generous donation which allowed us to purchase a wide range of equipment, including team jerseys and pinneys.
Wheelchair Sports Alberta has provided us with an enormous amount of logistical support, funding for special events, funding for travel to clinics, funding for gym time, and funding for two new rugby wheelchairs.
ARC Resources Ltd. gave us a generous donation towards funding operational expenses.
MediChair Calgary (MacLeod Trail) has provided generous equipment support and repair to the team.
Bridging the Gap has been a constant support since the team’s creation, and has helped us with accessing gym times, temporarily loaned us wheelchairs.
The Calgary Sport Council, and Kyle Clapham (team photographer for the BC Lions) very generously allowed us to use the photographs of players on this website.
Mount Royal University has rented us a training facility and rooms for our board meetings.
PETRO-CANADA in coordination with the Canadian Paralympic Committee and Canadian Heritage Sport Canada Funding we have been able to provide some Athletes with custom fit Rugby Chairs.