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What is Wheelchair Rugby?

1Wheelchair rugby is an exciting and fast-paced team sport played on a regulation basketball court by two teams of four players using a standard volleyball..

2It combines elements of various team sports, and is full contact (physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the sport, although dangerous contact is not allowed).The objective of the sport is to carry the ball across the opponent’s goal line within 40 seconds. Games consist of four eight-minute quarters.

Our Objectives

1The CWRA has two main objectives, the first of which is to provide access in Calgary to the best team sport in the world – wheelchair rugby! We want to provide a fun and welcoming environment for players of all levels and abilities to experience the sport (and also to become involved in the social activities that surround it).

2We would also like to develop players to play on the provincial and national wheelchair rugby teams. We will work with you to achieve higher levels in the sport if that is your goal.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

We proudly acknowledge the generous corporate support provided by the Alberta Paraplegic Foundation, AB SCI Solutions, Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers (Local 146), MediChair Calgary Ltd., Wheelchair Sports Alberta Assn,ARC Resources Ltd, Community Spirit Program, Podium Club, Canadian Wheelchair Sports Assoc., Development Initiatives Program, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Colleen Bryant, and our Individual Sponsors. who have supported. Contact us to put your logo here.